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Brand ambassadors have been a part of the advertising world of brands for a very long time. Celebrities, athletes, and other well-known people have put their names and faces to product labels, and commercials for a sum of money considered worthy of the sales they are likely to bring to a business.

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Profitable insights are driving businesses to listen to their customers, develop targeted marketing campaigns and stimulate product innovation.

These insights are derived from publicly published online conversation from social media, forums, blogs and websites that allow consumers to rate and reviews products. Rather than tediously trying to gather these comments by themselves, businesses are turning to social media monitoring platforms to do the work for them.

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Did you know that niche marketing strategies are not just used by small companies who exclusively offer niche products?

As it becomes more and more difficult to reach consumers through traditional marketing methods, businesses are looking for innovative ways to make their products stand out from the crowd.

Brand Packaging: Are You Sending The Right Message

Brand Packaging has always been a significant part of marketing a new product or relaunching an old one. Marketers know that if the packaging doesn’t appeal to their target demographic that the product within it will never be consumed. So much of a brand’s reputation and profitability relies on branding, and appropriate packaging.

Using a combination of surveys, focus groups and product testing, businesses have adequately performed market research to produce popular brands. But these methods are no longer enough to ensure success. Competitors are seeking new information available directly from consumers.

Social media monitoring companies collect online conversation from social media, review sites, blogs, forums and other websites where commenting is allowed. These comments go into a central database where marketers sort, filter, and analyze comments about their products to determine how to improve their chances for success.

Deep Dive- Consumer Sentiment Rating & Analysis Blog

Unlike many of our competitors, DataRank builds its own sentiment rating model with a full methodology and philosophy that we are going to explain in basic detail below. If you’d like to read a more in-depth explanation of how we conduct consumer sentiment rating and analysis feel free to download our white paper.

The DataRank Sentiment Model has 3 core components:

  • Original
  • Machine/Auto
  • Human a. Hitfarm b. MTurk

4 Innovative Ways To Start Marketing To Baby Boomers - DataRank Blog

The internet is buzzing with articles on how to market to millennials. In the past 30 days alone the word “millennials” was mentioned over 300,000 times on Twitter, compared to just 10,000 for “baby boomers.”

But did you know that baby boomers still make up 29% of the labor force?

A study conducted by the Pew Research Center also found that while 86% of adults aged 65 and older did not go online in 2000; today that figure has been cut in half. As the population becomes more connected to the internet, so too are older generations becoming a part of social media communities.

Focusing on marketing to younger generations means marketers are missing prime opportunities to capture a segment of the population that has access to the internet, and a significant portion of spending money.

According to a 2012 Nielson report Baby Boomers were responsible for 49% of CPG sales.

Still willing to ignore marketing to baby boomers?

Unlike their millennial children and grandchildren baby boomers will require a different style of marketing. We’ve come up with 4 innovative ways to start marketing to baby boomers.

Donald Trump First Republican Primary Debate

Last Thursday the political atmosphere fired up as FOX News hosted the first primary debate for the Republican candidates. According to CNN, the debate had a record 24 million viewers, with Facebook acting as the primary data supplier, and link between the politicians and the public.

Throughout the night DataRank collected online conversation for all the republican candidates, and tracked the trending hashtag #GOPDebate. The following charts only use data collected from 6 August 2015 and the 7 August 2015. Online conversation came from Facebook, and Twitter.

Uncovering and Perfecting The Consumer Path To Purchase

The path to purchase comprises of a series of steps that consumers take as they decide whether or not to purchase a product. Some consumers skip steps but still become a loyal consumer, while others follow each step on the path and drop off before making a purchase.

It is important for businesses to know the strengths and weaknesses of their consumers path to purchasing their products so that they can improve on steps where consumers are not progressing.

Using social media comments and online reviews to analyze real consumer sentiment, businesses are taking targeted steps to find the breakages in their path to purchase.

The Best Mustard in America - DataRank

As far as condiments go, mustard, is one of the most popular in the world. It is commonly served on hot dogs, salads, chicken, and casseroles. In the United Kingdom Colman’s mustard has been manufactured since 1814, and remains the leading mustard brand in the country.

In the United States, however, several mustard brands have distinguished themselves on the shelves and vie for the attention of consumers.

1 August 2015 was National Mustard Day, and to celebrate we’re analyzing three of the top mustard brands produced in the United States: French’s, Heinz and Grey Poupon.

We selected these three brands based on a survey conducted by Statista that found French’s, Store Brand, Heinz and Great Poupon were the most used mustard brands in the United States between 2012 and 2014.

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One of the more mysterious questions surrounding social listening is how to generate useful reviews about your brand. Most businesses who come to us have a solid base of conversation about their brand and products on social media, or eCommerce review sites. But just because you have a few thousands brand mentions doesn’t mean that they’re going to be useful to your marketing analyst team.