How Acosta Recognized Shopper-Centric Opportunities Using Social Data From DataRank

As the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry looks to revolutionize shopping through new products, platforms, and distinctive experiences, emerging data sources have helped inform this new world of retail.

In an effort to better understand tomorrow’s shopper, Acosta recently conducted a social intelligence research project with DataRank. The goal of the project was to experiment with social data analytics focused on CPG, and to test how the results could expand our existing Shopper Insights toolbox.

How Social Listening Takes Brand Health Monitoring To The Next Level

One of the major benefits of using a social listening tool is that you can quickly determine how people feel about your brand or product.

But sentiment analysis can be a subjective tool, and understandably businesses and people alike are often wary of the process of identifying sentiment from a comment or review. What can a brand do to go beyond basic sentiment, and bring their brand health monitoring to the next level?

We’ve selected a few features from our own social listening solution to showcase how marketers are taking a more active role in assessing, and managing their brand’s health over social.

Watch The Stove The Unlikely Social Media Success of the Hamburger Helper Mixtape

Every April Fool’s we brace ourselves for tricks and pranks from our friends, families, and co-workers. Lately, we’ve also anticipated brands getting in on the fun, too.

This year, one brand stood out for its April Fool’s surprise, because it was surprisingly “on point” for popular rap music.

On April 1st, Hamburger Helper released its “Watch The Stove” mixtape, a play on the successful Jay Z/Kanye West collaboration “Watch The Throne.” Ever since, the mixtape has generated a significant amount of volume on social media. Querying using the DataRank web app since April 1st has allowed us to collect over 31,000 comments across various social media platforms that mention the mixtape.


For many, food – along with cool drinks, outdoor fun, and time spent with friends and family – defines the transition into summer. Few Americans would dispute the seasonal significance of a glowing barbecue grill or banquets prepared in celebration of Independence Day.

But major holidays and celebrations, important as they are to the summer experience, are not the only food purchases on consumers’ minds.

The summer months are also a prime period for brands and retailers to tap into consumer preferences and food preparation trends as they seek to resonate more profoundly in a season filled with food options.

4 Ways To Regain Customer Trust After A Major Crisis

It can happen at any time, and without warning. One day sales are going well, and the next an E. coli outbreak occurs. Your PR team is forced to make public statements, and your business recalls thousands of products. A carefully-built reputation disintegrates before your eyes.

What do you do when your brand suffers a major crisis?

As a marketer, it’s your job to minimize the damage and control the response. On social media, negativity spreads like an infectious disease. A proactive person, or team, who knows the right way to respond is vital.

You’d be shocked to realize just how many organizations ignore social media during a crisis. We’ve done the research, and it’s a fact that ignoring the concerns and questions of customers on social media drives more negative conversation.

Don’t be the brand that ignores the basics of online crisis management. Here are four very easy ways to ensure that your brand can regain customer trust after a major crisis.

The Flexible Market Segmentation Strategy That Grows Sales

Customers want a personalized experience when they shop, which means that the age of the “average customer” is evolving. Some might even go so far as to say that it’s dying.

This begs the question, What is going to happen to the traditional market segmentation strategy marketers have been perfecting for years?

Market segmentation strategy isn’t going away. It’s getting better than ever before. Here is why:

The Top Instagram Beauty Tutorial Influencers From 2015

Which beauty tutorials received the most social interactions on Instagram in 2015, and who made them? We have the answer!

Get your makeup battle stations ready! The list below highlights the most interacted-with beauty tutorials on Instagram in 2015. We collected data using keywords around the beauty category in order to create a data set with a robust sample of comments.

Social INSIGHTS is a secret weapon going public - DataRank

Way back in the ’90’s, nobody really knew just how powerful online marketing would become.

People talked about how it was important to have a website, but few people could measure the effectiveness of what they did with their primitive sites. Then website analytics became a thing, and all of the sudden, getting to the top of Google search results was a vital piece of business success.

Social insights is working its way through the same adolescent stages that websites went through two decades ago. The difference is that the stakes are much higher if you are not one of the first brands to listen to what your customers are saying on social.

A Brand’s Guide To Shifting Consumer Attitudes Toward GMOs

Few issues generate as much public debate as genetically modified organisms. Intellectuals as prominent as Neil deGrasse Tyson have defended their use, while scientists like David Suzuki and other major leaders – even Pope Francis – have condemned them with equal fervor.

But while news outlets, corporate interests, public figures, and policymakers jockey over the future of GMOs on supermarket shelves and in family kitchens, consumers themselves take to Twitter, Facebook, and other sites in droves to offer their opinions on a fast-growing and often vociferous debate.

Putting GMOs to the Test With Social Conversation

To gain insight into the nature of such grassroots conversations, DataRank conducted analysis on over half a million pieces of content from the past year of GMO and non-GMO social discussion to discern the top themes, concerns, and media shares in online mentions.