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Having a presence on social media is important because it proves to your customers that you are approachable, engaged with the community, and that you have things to say about your brand.

Many businesses fail to see the importance of engaging online, and while that may be surprising to those of us who are actively engaged all day, every day, it’s a common sentiment. After setting up a profile on the big social media sites many businesses don’t know how to begin building their online brand awareness.

The great thing about the internet is that it has become very simple to set up a presence. You can do it in 30 minutes. That’s enough time to do it on your lunch break and have time to spare to eat. But first, let’s explain why it’s so important to establish your brand in the online community.

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Product innovation is usually driven by a business who creates a new product that is tested, and then released to consumers who either embrace it or reject it. Social listening is changing the way businesses identify areas for product innovation.

Collectively, consumers wield the power of online conversation and reviews, to drive a brand’s product growth and change.

6 Ways To Maximize Snapchat Marketing - DataRank

6 Ways To Maximize Your Snapchat Marketing

Posted by: Josephine Hardy

Snapchat and Marketing are two unlikely terms that, merged together, have produced many successful brand campaigns. But to become successful at Snapchat marketing you’ll first want to acquaint yourself with the app, and how it’s being used by its young demographic.

12 Social Media Facts That Will Make You Stop And Think

These social media facts will make you stop and think – and hopefully change the way you look at and interact with social media. Social Media is a very broad subject for discussion, which is why we picked 12 very diverse facts that you may not have heard of before.

Don’t forget you can pin each fact by hovering over the image and then clicking the “Pin It” button. If you have your own social media facts share them with us in the comments below!

Without further ado…

Cadbury Vegemite Chocolate Header By DataRank

Last week Australian brands Vegemite and Cadbury announced that they would be producing a new product that will combine their two unique flavors. The product will be a limited edition Vegemite flavored Cadbury chocolate bar released in Australia on June 1st.

The social media attention it gathered would be difficult to understand if you haven’t tried Vegemite or its British counterpart Marmite. Suffice to say the combination of a yeast-based savory spread with a sweet milk chocolate dessert snack generated some strong reactions.

This isn’t the first time two brands have joined forces to create a unique product. Co-Branding usually occurs between two brands of similar household recognition who also employ complimentary marketing methods. Some co-branding has occurred within the same industry, while others cross-industries to appeal to a similar demographic.

Blog Post - Instant Foreign Language Translation For Your Social Data

Social media has brought the world closer together. People of many countries, cultures and backgrounds use the same social networks to talk about topics that matter to them with others who share similar interests.

As a social listening company we see millions of comments every day, and not all of them are in our native language. In fact we have customers who want to gather conversation in foreign languages, or in multiple languages.

To maximize the information that can be gathered from our social listening platform, DataRank has released a new feature that will make international data analysis a lot easier.

The DataRank Insights platform now has an instant foreign language translation built into the comments so that customers can translate comments with the click of a button.

UK Election Day Twitter Trends

With a little over 5 hours left until UK polling stations close, British voters are Tweeting up a storm, with some surprising election-themed trends making a surprising debut.

We’ve seen politics become more integrated with social media since Barack Obama’s first run at President. This year British tweeters are using the hashtag #IVoted to show their support for their favored party, and to encourage others to also case a vote.

So far today over 86,000 tweets have been sent using the hashtag #IVoted. Another hashtag trending on the United Kingdom Twitter Trends is #VotingMatters, a more direct attempt at pushing citizens to vote.

Blog - Pinterest Analytics Just Got Better With DataRank

Pinterest announced yesterday the release of their long awaited API for Developers. The significance of this release will be felt by brands, marketers and developers alike as Pinterest settles into its position as a leading social network.

Thanks to their new API, we are excited to reveal that DataRank can obtain data from and perform Pinterest analytics for our customers.

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Big social media trends like the ones that appear during a high profile event often surprise us with how much data they can produce. They can also vary greatly by how viral and unique they are. Holidays like Christmas and Easter may get one trending hashtag on Twitter because they come every year, and while very enjoyable doesn’t garner too much conversation beyond the – “Happy Easter”! Or “Merry Christmas” phrases.

The birth of a royal princess to the future King of England, however, now that’s news that captures the social media world.

Lots and Lots of Clocks

Most influential brands know that social media is an integral part of marketing and engaging with their customers. But now that using social media for business is commonplace, marketers are struggling to have their voices heard against the millions of tweets, updates and videos being shared about other products.

At DataRank we take pride in our ability to hone into and collect the conversation that matters most to our customers. This is extremely helpful for brands who attract a lot of reviews, tweets, and/or comments. But even big brands sometimes need some help in generating conversation about their products.