Black Friday Predictions 2015

2015 isn’t the first year that big retailers have started their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving. Walmart has been opening its doors on Thanksgiving night since 2012. But as the years go by people are still venting their fury on Twitter.


Sentiment for Black Friday this year has been extremely negative. Over 82% of Twitter’s Black Friday conversation comprised of people criticizing retailers for opening on Thanksgiving:

Black Friday Sentiment on Twitter

As a consolation prize the big retailers are also offering many of their doorbuster sales online, giving consumers the opportunity to participate in the sales and enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with their families. Walmart’s online sales will begin at 12.01am, Best Buy at 2am Target at 3am of Thanksgiving morning.


Last month outdoor sports goods store REI started a campaign against Black Friday using the hashtag #OptOutside. The business is giving their employees the day off, and suggesting others do the same and close their doors for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. They received wide support with over 80,000 mentions for the hashtag in the past 30 days.


When we analyzed Black Friday conversation from this month we found that people seemed more interested in finding out when they could catch the online sales, than participating in the traditional brick and mortar store lines. That brings us to some predictions we’ve made after looking at Twitter data in DataRank Insights:

How Mass Customization Won Product Marketing In 2015

Mass customization is not a new phenomenon but in 2015 it has exploded popularity. It seems like every product brand is going out of their way to deliver a personalized version of their product to customers.

From names on Coke bottles (yes, it made a comeback this year), to making your own McDonalds sandwich, the desire for custom-made products appears to be endless.

Marketers have always tried to deliver personalized experiences of their products to customers without facing the overwhelming costs of customization.

Rather than offering a new product to each person, brands have allowed customers to customize the packaging of an already established product for a limited time.

4 Time Saving Tips For Finding Useful Insights From Your Data - Feature

Finding insights from data isn’t difficult. It’s difficult when you’ve got time constraints surrounding your research. It’s even more difficult when you’ve got specific goals to meet, and you need insights from the data to help you achieve them.

With this in mind we talked to the people most familiar with analyzing data from a social intelligence platform – our analysts.

We asked them: “How do you use DataRank to uncover insights when you’re under a tight deadline?”

These are the answers we received:

5 Ways To Evaluate Your Campaign Goals With Social Data

Brands with established social media followings and successful campaigns under their belt are usually pretty confident going into a new campaign. Unfortunately even the best campaign ideas can flop when they’re launched.

The cause of a bad campaign can be glaringly obvious in hindsight, and even preventable, but obviously too late when it’s all said and done. This is why social media marketers are turning to social intelligence tools to help them guide their way into a campaign. Not all campaigns can be successful, but wouldn’t you rather know you’ve got a flop on your hands before you invest thousands of dollars in PPC advertising?

Social intelligence tools act as an ongoing 24-7 focus group for your brand. While most marketers think of these tools for monitoring the effects of a campaign they can also be easily adapted to use for evaluating campaign goals too.

4 Reasons Why Nostalgia Drives Better Brand Engagement - Feature

There’s nothing quite like remembering the good ole’ days whether you’re 80, or 25. Most of us are guilty for loving a TV show that got cancelled, or wishing you could remember those chips your Mom used to put in your lunch box in 3rd grade. Sometimes the things we love get a comeback (Gilmore Girls!).

In recent times marketers have been making an effort to increase brand engagement using throwback content from their target demographics “golden years”. This important phenomenon deserves some recognition because it works! We’ve put together 4 reasons why nostalgia drives better engagement, with some notable examples that we’re sure you will recognize.

5 Things To Do When You Get A Spike In Negative Reviews - Feature

Nobody likes getting negative reviews, but they exist, and ignoring them won’t make them go away. We’ve all seen the Amazon reviews, and tweets that tear a brand to shreds. We wonder what we would do if someone said that about the products that we sell. Then we move onto the next interesting thing in our social feed. But then out of nowhere it happens to us, and all the feelings start:

Johnny Depp Tear

You know that you need to action, but where do you start? We put together a list of 5 things you can do to monitor and take control of the situation.

2015 Walmart Halloween Shopping Trends Postmortem Feature

Trick or treating is over, our leftover candy and costumes have been stored away, and hopefully those rotting carved pumpkins are in the compost. With just a short break before Thanksgiving, we wanted to look back on how we spent our money and time on preparations for one of the most beloved holidays of the year – Halloween.

Last year we analyzed how people talked on social media about Walmart’s Halloween product supply. This year we wanted to let conversation dictate how people perceived halloween shopping for the 2015 season.

8 Ways You Can Use A Social Media Command Center

When it comes to personal tech gadgets most of us like to do some research before we buy. We ask questions like:

  • What can this product do?
  • What are its best features?
  • Is it worth the price?

We ask these questions because we know we’re making an investment. Good technology lasts, it proves its worth over and over to us, and becomes part of our everyday lives.

In the business world we do the same thing, except the stakes are higher, and we are shopping for products that won’t just improve our day-to-day lives. These products need to accomplish tasks that build revenue.

DataRank Is Joining Simply Measured

When we founded DataRank four years ago, we were passionate about using social data in creative ways. We weren’t exactly sure how at the time, but we knew that if we could make sense of the dataset it would be valuable (and fun). Over time our product evolved into a powerful platform that empowers professionals to identify insights from social data. These insights have led to new product innovation, inventory management, marketing optimization, and millions of dollars in proven ROI for our customers. That is incredibly exciting to us, but it is just the beginning.

Today, we’re excited to announce a partnership that will fuel our growth, expand our product offering, and make data-driven business decisions.