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As far as condiments go, mustard, is one of the most popular in the world. It is commonly served on hot dogs, salads, chicken, and casseroles. In the United Kingdom Colman’s mustard has been manufactured since 1814, and remains the leading mustard brand in the country.

In the United States, however, several mustard brands have distinguished themselves on the shelves and vie for the attention of consumers.

1 August 2015 was National Mustard Day, and to celebrate we’re analyzing three of the top mustard brands produced in the United States: French’s, Heinz and Grey Poupon.

We selected these three brands based on a survey conducted by Statista that found French’s, Store Brand, Heinz and Great Poupon were the most used mustard brands in the United States between 2012 and 2014.

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One of the more mysterious questions surrounding social listening is how to generate useful reviews about your brand. Most businesses who come to us have a solid base of conversation about their brand and products on social media, or eCommerce review sites. But just because you have a few thousands brand mentions doesn’t mean that they’re going to be useful to your marketing analyst team.

Tips For Researching Upcoming Seasonal Shopping Trends - DataRank Blog

Retailers have been trying to predict emerging consumer purchasing trends for decades, and until recently they had to look back on past seasons to determine the changing interests of their key demographic.

The immediate collection of online conversation, however, has changed the game. Retailers using social media monitoring platforms are actively monitoring and analyzing tweets, product reviews, Instagram updates and forums to discover upcoming seasonal shopping trends.

Rather than focussing on a particular product, marketers and analysts collect broad conversation about consumer purchases during a specified time frame. A beverage company, for example, might want to know what new flavors people are interested in this summer.

Twitter Trend Analysis: Celebrating #NationalHotDogDay - DataRank Blog

It seems like almost every day is a national day of insert-chosen-food-here, and like most Americans we are only too happy to indulge in the festivities. (See our employees celebrating #NationalHotDogDay on our Instagram.)

23 July is National Hot Dog Day. Some unofficial holidays are more recognized on social media than others, and the hot dog was clearly one of them, trending worldwide on Twitter.

#NationalHotDogDay was actually more of a success this year than it was in 2014.

Can You Trust Consumer Product Reviews For Insights - DataRank Blog

Both businesses and customers rely on consumer product reviews to make informed decisions.

As consumers we scroll through product reviews on Amazon, and sort the reviews by date or star rating. We might have even left a review of our own. We have come to rely on the reviews of others to steer us away from bad products.

5 Instagram Marketing Tips To Increase Your ROI - DataRank

According to a recent study, 49% of Instagram users are on the platform daily, and that number is likely to grow. (PEW Research Center) With that many users returning every day to one of the most popular social media apps in the world, it’s important that marketers keep appraised of any updates Facebook makes to its image and video sharing aquisition.

In early June 2015 Instagram announced that it would be boosting the tools available to marketers on its platform.

Instagram’s API will soon let advertisers and marketers target their ads based on who you follow on Instagram and like on Facebook.

Instagram ads will have a clickable button beneath the image, allowing users to visit the link through an in-app browser. The images in the feed have a “sponsored” tag in the upper right corner to let users know that they’re advertisements.

To make the most of these new additions to Instagram’s advertising platform, we’ve put together a list of Instagram marketing tips that will ensure you’re getting the best ROI from your brand’s Instagram profile.

Using Online Shopping Conversation For Competitive Pricing - DataRank Insights Blog

The key to capturing winning the business of a consumer is to listen to what they say about your brand.

Domestic retailers are under increasing pressure to offer incentives to online shoppers as competition in the market heats up.

Walmart Amazon logos

It’s no longer enough to offer the most competitive price on an item. Online consumers are taking into consideration shipping costs, loyalty programs, coupon discounts, and free items when making their final decision.

Cyber Monday gave into a whole week of Thanksgiving sales, and now online retailers giants like Amazon and Walmart are battling it out to give consumers deals they can’t refuse all year.

Businesses are flocking to social media monitoring companies in an effort to obtain actionable knowledge about what their consumers want.

Rather than sending out a survey to a select group of people, businesses can collect thousands of reviews from real customers about their products, quality of service, the competition and the reasons why they like or dislike a brand.

10 Tips For Hosting An Unforgettable Twitter Party - DataRank

Twitter parties are all the rage with brands right now, and if you’re not holding one, odds are you’ve at least stumbled your way into one. Unlike the parties you attended in college, Twitter parties are held virtually on Twitter by brands, and individuals wanting to host a discussion for a specified amount of time.

Five Things You Should Know About Millennial Consumers:Girls Being Silly

How to sell products that appeal to “millennials” has become the core focus for many marketing departments within the United States. As millennials reach adulthood, their income and spending has increased, resulting in businesses looking for ways capitalize on their product interests.

The DataRank Team Sea Voyage To Kansas City

The DataRank Team Sea Voyage To Kansas City

Posted by: Josephine Hardy

Last weekend the DataRank team, and their significant others, traveled together from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Kansas City, Missouri for our annual company trip. We like to keep our whale motif alive, so we actually called it a “sea voyage”, and what a journey it was!

After a long (almost 4 hour) drive to our first lunch spot we spent some time shopping together at the beautiful Country Club Plaza. A relaxing afternoon at our hotel was spent before we indulged in delicious dinner at Korma Sutra.