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Defining Social Media Data

We’ve written quite a bit on how to generate a presence on social media. From getting a following on Pinterest, to running an Instagram campaign, there’s endless topics of discussion for being a socially active business.

But what is all this data, and what is it worth?

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Last Friday marked the #firstdayofspring in North America and while most people (73,653 tweets) are excitedly tweeting about it, there are still some snow-glazed areas making skeptics of people (4,821) yet to see the warmer days.

But the late winter weather hasn’t stopped fashion brands from pushing their spring and summer lines for the last couple of months as they attempt to get an early start on the season.

The Forever 21 fashion brand holds contests for their fans on alternating social media platforms. For instance they currently have a contest running on Pinterest with the hashtag #F21Festival.

In February they ran an Instagram campaign asking fans of Forever21 to publish a photo of themselves wearing denim with the tag #AllAboutDenim for a chance to win denim for a year. So far there have been 3,521 photos published on Instagram with the hashtag #AllAboutDenim.

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Putting your brand on social media networks like Twitter, and Facebook open up your business to receiving questions, comments and concerns. Many brands are unprepared for the number of interactions they receive, and fail to implement a solid plan for customer service through social media.

We put together some of these tips for brands getting started on social media and experienced brands who might want to pick up some new methods for providing A+ customer service:

How Hashtags Make Your Content More Visible

This is a guest post from KIENG Online LTD, a marketing company specializing in SEO ranking and keyword targeting.

A lot of people nowadays are utilizing the “HASHTAG”. But what is it exactly? A Hashtag is used to discuss a particular topic in a tweet, organize an event and sometimes to engage in a topic online.

However, a good number of people are using it just for the sake of having a hashtag in their tweets or in their Facebook posts. The Hashtag has been around since August of 2007 with the purpose of gathering discussions and online exchanges on a particular topic.


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you’ll have heard about Pinterest, the social media image-sharing site that has become one of the most visited websites on the internet. A recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center revealed that 28% of online adults use Pinterest. That is more than the number of Twitter (23% of adult internet users) and Instagram (26% of adult internet users). Yes, Pinterest is a big deal!

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Is your business still relying on focus groups to understand what consumers want? Businesses in the United States and around the world are investing in a new method, called social listening, to gather insights about their customers, products and marketing strategies.

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Knowing tech innovations and implementing the ones that will help your business keeps you from growing out of touch with your customers needs. We know it can be difficult to track the biggest game-changers when it seems like there’s a new tool or product being released every day. We put together a list of 5 emerging trends that are likely to change how eCommerce businesses market their products in 2015.

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The benefits of brand monitoring through a social listening platform are extensive. From monitoring brand health, to performing competitive analysis, there are lots of reasons to start monitoring online conversation.

During a crisis, or a campaign, it’s often important to gather insights quickly. To make this process easier for our customers DataRank is excited to introduce Alerts.

Alerts allow businesses to quickly learn when conversation about their brand has increased, or sentiment has dropped to a critical point. No matter what time of the day it is our customers can feel assured that they are kept appraised of any drastic conversation changes for their brand. It also gives businesses more time to establish a crisis management plan of action for responding if the alert is negative.


Forget those other Oscars articles. If there’s one Oscars-related report you read today – let it be this one. At DataRank we love pushing ourselves to the edge of our capabilities in the name of driving innovation. We are excited to present today, the unveiling of a new section of our website. (So new, we have to give you a secret link to access it.)