Many of us in the DataRank office are wine lovers, so to finish off the week before Thanksgiving we’re bringing to you the top wine varietals mentioned on Twitter. As you get ready to head off to your family gatherings, consider what you will be drinking, and let us know! We’re eager to share insights on other beverages too. Are you a beer aficionado? Or do you work for a company that’s getting ready to launch a new health juice? Whatever it is, we’re interested! Just let us know your ideas in the comments below.


Using the power of social media to drive a movement has become an art form. From condemning politicians to driving product sales, social media networks have become the most vocal public forums in the world. Companies have learned the importance of harnessing these voices by using social media to drive sales and interest in their products or brands. There’s rarely a day that goes by when Twitter doesn’t have a company promoted hashtag. (Today it’s #PizzaHasChanged promoted by Pizza Hut) But what happens when two influential public figures clash?


Fall is swiftly turning into winter as the cold weather hits the United States early this year. Many goods, like coats, snow shovels, and gloves are usually purchased during this time. If you’re old enough to remember, winter was also the time when your mom would put flannel sheets on your bed, and put your cotton sheets away until next summer. We began to wonder if people still do this, what bed sheet materials people prefer, how they decide where to purchase their bed sheets and whether the online or traditional brick-and-mortar store has a larger share of the bed sheet market. Using our brand new social listening dashboard, DataRank 2.0, we dug into online conversation and got the answers for you!


We often publish examples on our blog of the various ways you can use our social listening tool to find insights. While you can read and see visualizations of the data analyzing process, we thought it would be very interesting for our readers to see how our social listening tool works. As a result we created a set of DataRank video tutorials.


The 2014 G20 Summit is beginning today in Brisbane, Australia and will last through the weekend, as leaders from around the world meet to discuss global issues. In the lead up we analyzed twitter conversation to see how much conversation is being generated by each leader, and the sentiment surrounding their mentions. We collected data from the past 24 hours to produce the results you see below:


Online conversation has become a vital resource for businesses looking to understand their customer’s experience with their brands. Being able to accurately listen to concerns or compliments, measure the impact and respond in a timely manner is resulting in social listening tools becoming an invaluable resource to marketing departments of all shapes and sizes.

DataRank recently released 5 Case Studies that highlight the many ways brand managers are using our social listening platform to achieve goals. Each individual case study demonstrates a different aspect of our dashboard’s capabilities.

We break down each case study into three sections: Context, Action and Results.


The European Space Agency made history today when it landed a robot probe on a comet. After about 5 hours of online conversation on social media site Twitter, DataRank analyzed the trending hashtag #CometLanding to quickly look at the stats generated by probe Philae’s landing. We quickly put together an infographic so you can see just how much conversation has been generated, who the top influencers are, and which gender is influencing the #CometLanding hashtag. Further details for the effects of the comet landing on social media will be gathered in the meantime and we’ll get back to you with a longer blog post. Until then enjoy, and share this space-graphic.

datarank white papers

Following the release of our new website, and the launch of our updated social listening tool, DataRank 2.0, we are excited to present our first white paper. The DataRank white papers will give readers a more detailed and technical perspective into social listening, and the inner workings of the DataRank dashboard. To celebrate, we have published an exerpt of our first white paper on our blog. To download the full version visit our new Resources page. We will be adding to it frequently as we work to build content to better assist our current and future customers.

Dishwashing Detergent Header

It’s hard to get people excited about cleaning products but its one of those essential items that everybody needs to purchase. Dishwashing detergents are synonymous with a very particular advertising style. Ads like this one from the 70s use humor to make their brand a household name. Couponing, online forums and eCommerce sites have made every day products points of discussion like they never were before. Social listening is becoming an important way for CPG companies to learn what people are saying about their brands, and competing brands, in online conversation.