For some, Black Friday is more exciting than Thanksgiving. In fact, as you read this, there are people who are already sitting in line waiting for their retailer of choice to open their doors to a range of sales and deals. We’ve been tracking Black Friday conversation since the beginning of November and found that the best way to present our data is on an infographic.


Measuring 2014 Thanksgiving Shopping Trends

Posted by: Josephine Hardy

Happy Thanksgiving! Our social listening tools have been hard at work tracking the 2014 Thanksgiving shopping trends, in the lead up to what is, arguably, the best feast of the year. In October we covered top Halloween products purchased by Walmart shoppers. Today we have put together a break down of online Thanksgiving shopper conversation and uncover the most popular products for 2014.


Tracking the Flu with DataRank Technology

Posted by: Josephine Hardy

You’re at home, sick with the flu, laying in bed with your laptop and/or smart phone as you watch TV. If you’re using technology it’s likely you’ll have told one or more social media sites that you’ve got the flu. In the past that might have meant a few comments from concerned friends and relatives, and that would be it. But now what you say might be helpful in tracking the spread of illnesses, and what products you use to help yourself get better.


Many of us in the DataRank office are wine lovers, so to finish off the week before Thanksgiving we’re bringing to you the top wine varietals mentioned on Twitter. As you get ready to head off to your family gatherings, consider what you will be drinking, and let us know! We’re eager to share insights on other beverages too. Are you a beer aficionado? Or do you work for a company that’s getting ready to launch a new health juice? Whatever it is, we’re interested! Just let us know your ideas in the comments below.


Using the power of social media to drive a movement has become an art form. From condemning politicians to driving product sales, social media networks have become the most vocal public forums in the world. Companies have learned the importance of harnessing these voices by using social media to drive sales and interest in their products or brands. There’s rarely a day that goes by when Twitter doesn’t have a company promoted hashtag. (Today it’s #PizzaHasChanged promoted by Pizza Hut) But what happens when two influential public figures clash?


Fall is swiftly turning into winter as the cold weather hits the United States early this year. Many goods, like coats, snow shovels, and gloves are usually purchased during this time. If you’re old enough to remember, winter was also the time when your mom would put flannel sheets on your bed, and put your cotton sheets away until next summer. We began to wonder if people still do this, what bed sheet materials people prefer, how they decide where to purchase their bed sheets and whether the online or traditional brick-and-mortar store has a larger share of the bed sheet market. Using our brand new social listening dashboard, DataRank 2.0, we dug into online conversation and got the answers for you!


We often publish examples on our blog of the various ways you can use our social listening tool to find insights. While you can read and see visualizations of the data analyzing process, we thought it would be very interesting for our readers to see how our social listening tool works. As a result we created a set of DataRank video tutorials.