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To get inbound sales, Marketers dedicate themselves to ensuring that their website is ranking well on Google. But Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not easy and often involves trial and error testing, costly analytics platform subscriptions and years of practice.

To make it even more difficult, Google doesn’t release how their algorithm calculates website rankings. Experienced marketers have learned what promotes and negatively impacts websites from being ranked highly on the Google search engine.

So when Google publicly announces a change to their algorithm every person with a website needs to listen intently, notepad (or touchpad) in hand, ready to take notes.

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The power of online conversation is persuading big brands to listen more intently to consumers. Some brands are more localized than others and require data collection from a particular grouping of people in a set location.

But even if a brand is nationally or globally recognized, it is understandable for companies to want to respond to consumers needs in their local area. It is for this reason brands are using social listening platforms to gather location based conversation.

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Social media monitoring gives businesses the power to collect comments about their products, brand and competitors from online conversation. These comments can come from a variety of sources including eCommerce sites, forums, blogs, and social media. But did you know that social listening companies can get comments that were published years ago?

Analyzing Twitter Live Streaming Apps- Periscope vs Meerkat Blog Post

A few years ago two competing location-based apps launched on the Apple app store. Both used GPS tracking that allowed users to check into a location and share it with their friends. While the apps found success individually, one started to outperform the other, resulting in one acquisition by Facebook, and a sole app store survivor. The story of Gowalla and Foursquare has been played out hundreds of times on the app store by different competing apps.

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The debate between Twitter live streaming apps, Periscope and Meerkat, has been heated since Meerkat exploded onto the tech scene at SXSWI earlier this year. Twitter acquired Periscope in January and has subsequently been doing everything it can to push its startup competitor out of the market. They cut Meerkat’s ability to port its users to Twitter in March and are now allegedly busy convincing Twitter-using celebrities to use Periscope instead of Meerkat.

Conducting Market Research On Twitter

Innovative businesses are changing the way they perform market research after case studies prove the value of social media monitoring.

One of the most influential social networks on the internet today is Twitter, and it is a vibrant hub of conversation, opinion and news.

We’ve put together 6 tips for marketers wanting to perform market research on Twitter so that they too can benefit from the wealth of information available through Twitter conversation.

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While Easter is a Christian holiday it is celebrated in many different ways around the world. For Catholics the 4 weeks leading up to Easter Sunday is a time of reflection and fasting. It is also a tradition to give up meat, whether it be every Friday or for the duration of the Lenten period.

Last year our Director of Client Services Matt Seubert put together a very interesting, and detailed, map pointing to mentions of fish, and popular fast food restaurants providing for Catholics fasting from meat products.

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Just a few years ago measuring customer satisfaction involved using focus groups, surveys and polls. While these methods of measurement are still being used by businesses, social listening has become the new powerful way to gauge how customers are feeling by the thousands.

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A brand doesn’t have to be actively involved in social media to get a social mention. People are actively sharing their product and service experiences with their friends, and the public on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, and eCommerce sites such as Amazon and eBay.

When analyzing the comments we collect they are given either one of three sentiment ratings: positive, negative, neutral, or are given no sentiment rating. Sentiment rating helps analysts determine significant changes in how people feel about a product, brand or service.

Holiday Shopping Trends: Walmart Easter 2015

Easter products have been sitting on the shelves in Walmart for a couple of months now, with the retailer giant keen on impressing its consumers with a variety of chocolate and candy gifts.

Holiday shopping trends differ from year to year, but we can usually bank on brands offering both the classic loved products, and an experiment or two with new hit-or-miss products. We wanted to analyze how people felt about the 2015 Walmart’s Easter holiday product season to discover products that people loved or wanted but couldn’t find.

This year we have tracked two months of Easter preseason shopping, to determine the sentiment behind Walmart Easter products.

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Defining Social Media Data

We’ve written quite a bit on how to generate a presence on social media. From getting a following on Pinterest, to running an Instagram campaign, there’s endless topics of discussion for being a socially active business.

But what is all this data, and what is it worth?