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It’s no secret that people look forward to the Super Bowl ads almost as much as (and sometimes more than) the game itself. But with social media conversation generating more and more revenue for businesses each year, some companies are now releasing their Super Bowl ads ahead of time. With 5 days to go before the New England Patriot and Seattle Seahawks play the biggest NFL game of the year, we have already seen ads for brands like Budweiser, Wix and GoDaddy. You can see a full list of the 2015 Super Bowl advertisers and their ads here.

The game hasn’t even started and we already have a Super Bowl ad loser. Or is it? This morning news organizations reported that GoDaddy has pulled their ad after thousands of people took to social media to voice their outrage.

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A target audience can be as broad as consumers who shop at Walmart or as focussed as a group of people who like a niche product. When putting together a marketing campaign it can be difficult for a company to ensure that their advertising dollars are being put to optimal use, and reaching their target audience. Social media monitoring and listening platforms have become one of the key tools for analyzing who a brand’s target audience is, and how they are reacting to the brand’s products.

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The announcement of a new product by an established and well-loved brand is something that occurs frequently on Twitter. People tweet out their initial thoughts and feelings, and talk about whether they will purchase the new product. Last week we analyzed the discussion around Oreo announcing the Red Velvet flavored Easter Oreo. Discussion was overwhelmingly positive, a good sign for the company as they go to put the product on shelves.

Last week, another company announced the release of a new product. Frito-Lay’s Cheetos brand said that they would be releasing a new sweet version of the favored snack in late February. Cheetos Sweetos, as it will be called, is a cinnamon, sugar puff snack. It is the first sweet snack that Cheetos has released in its long, 67-year history, and will only released for a limited time during the Easter holiday.

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Getting your message out there as a Non-Profit is incredibly difficult. In most cases you need to have people give you a minute of their time to explain why they should help your cause before you can get close to getting grants, charitable donations, or someone’s time and knowledge. At the beginning of 2014 there were almost 1.5 million tax exempt Non-Profit organizations in the United States alone. That’s a lot of players in the nonprofit space. So how can you stand out from the crowd to ensure that your message is being seen, heard and acted upon? Social media listening into online conversation can help your Non-Profit reach its goals.

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A good product generates its own publicity. The traditional Oreo cookie has the love of just about every sweet tooth in the United States (and abroad!). The Oreo brand name gets consistently thrown around social media over 30,000 times a day. That’s more than the daily mentions for Taco Bell. We’re not saying Oreo is perfect. The cookies have had mixed reviews in the past when they come out with a new limited edition flavor. But we’re placing bets that this news may signal the release of a product that will sit on shelves for longer than a season.

Oreo will be going blush in time for Valentine’s Day and Twitter has gone wild for Red Velvet.

We used our Twitter Live Search tool to capture the Red Velvet Oreo conversation to see how the news has been received. The reaction on Twitter has been very positive. In just over 24 hours there have been almost 20,000 tweets about Red Velvet Oreo.

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During the Black Friday sales last year one of the popular category of items on sale were vacuum cleaners. Bed, Bath and Beyond, Walmart and Target all had discounts on top of the line brands Hoover and Dyson. As a leading social media monitoring company specializing in CPG products we thought it would be interesting to analyze conversation about the brands over a 1 year period, to see which one is the most popular with consumers. If you’re interested in seeing previous brand vs brand comparison check out our Lemi Shine vs Dawn: Dishwashing Face Off and OPI vs Essie: Summer Nail Polish Trends 2014.

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Businesses have been battling for years to earn your loyalty. Competitive pricing, good customer service, loyalty cards and member discounts are just some of the ways that have contributed to the success of major retailers like Walmart and Target. One of the many benefits of consumer loyalty are word-of-mouth endorsements. With countless online stores competing for the affections and loyalty of consumers, it’s hard to believe that new brands can get the same recognition from word-of-mouth conversation as the large retailers who came before them. Not only are brands getting noticed and talked about on social media, loyal customers who are impressed with the products they use are making blogs and writing about their experiences, sharing their opinions to thousands of followers. These people are called Brand Influencers.

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The announcement of the Oscar nominations is usually an exciting event as people start to make their bets on who will win for best picture and in other categories. But social media exploded yesterday after the nominations revealed that the list of nominees were predominantly white. The #OscarsSoWhite hashtag surged to the top of twitter trends and has remained there ever since with heavy criticism brought forth on the the Academy itself for comprising of mostly white men over the age of 50. Monitoring conversation on Twitter, we took a look at how low sentiment for the Academy dropped on Twitter and the volume of comments generated from the original outcry.

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Have you noticed a drop in impressions on your Facebook business page? Last year Facebook for Business announced that it would be making changes to its pages algorithm to slow down page updates in the news feed in favor of content that wasn’t overly promotional. If you’re running a page for business purposes this might be limiting your brand’s visibility to potential customers or clients.

These are some of the types of posts that Facebook now penalizes by reducing the number of times it appears in people’s news feeds:

– Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app

– Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context

– Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads

Some businesses rely on their Facebook page to generate leads and revenue. We’ve put together some ways you can ensure that your content is being seen by your page followers.

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Cadbury Creme Eggs are a quintessential part of Easter for many chocolate-lovers all over the world. The Cadbury brand itself has been established since the early 1800s, and holds its place behind Wrigley’s as the second largest confectionary company in the world. So it’s safe to say that when Cadbury changes the recipe for one of their products it’s bound to make the news – unfortunately this time it received an angry backlash.

Late last week, Cadbury announced on their Cadbury Creme Egg Facebook page, that the gooey eggs were back on shelves for Easter. But this year things were a little different. Consumers reported to British newspaper, The Sun, that the new batch of Cadbury Creme Eggs tasted different. Cadbury confirmed to the tabloid that it had changed its traditional Dairy Milk ingredient for a “standard cocoa mix chocolate” in the shell. To make matters worse, the popular chocolate brand reduced their 6-pack eggs to just 5 with the retail price remaining the same.

Many took to social media to voice their complaints, with news organizations picking up the story and publishing examples of consumer anger across the internet. At DataRank we have the ability to quickly analyze the sentiment health of a brand, and what people are saying in volume about a product.